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Height 107-112 cm

Kidkraft wooden dollhouses of size 107-112 cm, suitable for gifts for great life events, such as a birthday's or as a gift for Christmas or just like that. 
Dollhouses For Every Style

KidKraft dollhouses welcome dolls and toys of all sizes and brands, so everyone can play together, happily. Whether you’re searching for Barbie, LOL or another style dollhouse, you’re sure to find more than you imagined with one of our wooden houses. Modern townhomes, regal princess castles, grand mansions and cute cottages - the décor is artfully designed to match each personality. We also offer sizes of dollhouses to fit from 5” to 18” dolls, so each friend will have a home.

Amazing Dollhouse Amenities

Any dollhouse can offer up furniture, but our creations go a little bit further with imagination. We think outside the box by providing not only grand staircases, but also sliding elevators on many of our models. Garages give a place for doll cars to park. Rooftop patios, greenhouses and porches provide that outdoor ambiance all dolls crave. Lamps turn on, pianos play and other noises can be heard in many of the dollhouses, such as in the Zoey Magic Lights & Sounds Dollhouse.

More than Just a House for Dolls

We know that when kids get their own dollhouse, they like to personalize it with their favorite dollhouse furniture and dolls. Now, we’re letting them take that individualism one step further with the Designed by Me™ collection. These houses let kids color backgrounds, adhere stickers or change out walls entirely to give each room that one-of-a-kind touch. But, no matter what KidKraft dollhouse you choose, you’re sure to find quality that will last for years of make believe play.

Kayla Dollhouse KidKraft
5-7 Days
Brand: Kidkraft Model: 65092
Our KidKraft Kayla Dollhouse is perfect for kids who want their fashion dolls to live in style. Standing nearly four feet tall, with three levels, four rooms and a patio, kids will love exploring every brightly illustrated, detailed room. The included 10-piece accessory pack includes hand-painted fu..
Matilda Dollhouse with EZ Kraft™ Assembly Matilda Dollhouse with EZ Kraft™ Assembly
5-7 Days
Brand: Kidkraft Model: 65983
Take the farmhouse trend to a new level with the gorgeous and classic KidKraft Matilda Dollhouse ! Featuring three floors, a bathtub, pretty pink details and stylish furniture, this haven for 12-inch dolls is a perfect representation of classic southern style, made doll-sized. This dollhouse is..
My Dream Mansion My Dream Mansion
5-7 Days
Brand: Kidkraft Model: 65082
Intricate details and interactive features make our KidKraft My Dream Mansion a lovely addition to playtime. Standing over four feet tall with three levels, four rooms and a patio area, there's plenty to explore. Two canopy beds with real fabric curtains create elegant charm, and a gliding elevator ..
Patio & Pool Dollhouse Set Patio & Pool Dollhouse Set
New 5-7 Days
Brand: Kidkraft Model: 20040
Wooden three-story KidKraft Patio & Pool Dollhouse is created for dolls to enjoy the good life both indoors and out. A fun patio on the top level is ready to host BBQs. A grill, lounge chair and umbrella makes the ambiance totally chill. And, speaking of cool, what better way to beat the heat th..
Poppy Dollhouse Poppy Dollhouse
5-7 Days
Brand: Kidkraft Model: 65959
Spark big dreams with the delightful KidKraft Poppy Dollhouse! This almost four-foot-tall dollhouse packs in lots of play without taking up too much floor space. Three levels and four rooms ensure there's plenty for 12" dolls to explore. Incorporating pastel colors, this chic house is exactly what y..
Sweet Savannah Dollhouse
Limited stock!
Brand: Kidkraft Model: 65851
The KidKraft Sweet Savannah Dollhouse will bring imaginative play to life with three levels, four rooms and two outdoor areas. Standing nearly four feet tall, this dollhouse has plenty of room to share. Including a birdhouse and a little cat in the 14-piece accessory pack, kids will have a endless i..
Brooklyn's Loft Dollhouse Brooklyn's Loft Dollhouse
5-7 Days
Brand: Kidkraft Model: 65922
Bring uptown charm to classic playtime with the KidKraft Brooklyn's Loft Dollhouse. Standing over three feet tall, with three levels and six unique rooms, kids will love this urban retreat. Dolls access the third-floor attic loft via the exquisitely-detailed fire escape stairs. Below the living area..
Dottie Dollhouse Kidkraft Dottie Dollhouse Kidkraft
5-7 Days
Brand: Kidkraft Model: 65965
Kids are going to love being the boss of the house when they play with the charming and trendy KidKraft Dottie Dollhouse. Standing nearly four feet tall with three spacious levels and four detailed rooms, this Mid-Century Modern wooden dollhouse inspires kids to create amazing stories with their 12"..
Marlow Dollhouse with EZ Kraft™ Assembly Marlow Dollhouse with EZ Kraft™ Assembly
5-7 Days
Brand: Kidkraft Model: 65985
Hip and fun, the KidKraft Marlow Dollhouse is ready to delight kids for hours of make believe. With three floors and a collection of colorful modern furniture, this house has plenty for 12-inch dolls to discover. With a movable staircase, working patio string lights, sliding see-through door and a s..
So Stylish Mansion Dollhouse Kidkraft So Stylish Mansion Dollhouse Kidkraft
5-7 Days
Brand: Kidkraft Model: 65199
So Stylish Mansion Dollhouse KidkraftSpark big, imaginative dreams with the chic and retro KidKraft So Stylish Mansion with EZ Kraft Assembly™! Standing almost four feet tall and featuring three giant play levels packed full of fun, this spacious Mid-Century modern dollhouse offers 360° of play spac..
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