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Playhouse Alice

Playhouse Alice
Playhouse Alice
Playhouse Alice
Playhouse Alice
5-7 Days
Playhouse Alice
Playhouse Alice
Playhouse Alice
Playhouse Alice
The toy meets all regulatory safety standards and complies with European directives 2009/48 / ES on toy safety.
Playhouse Alice

Playhouse Alice

Alice is not an ordinary playhouse, but a true fairy tale house… With this wooden house in your garden you feel like Alice in Wonderland or Snow White in the house of the seven dwarfs! Prepare diner before the dwarfs come home from a day’s hard work. Alice can easily be upgraded with a low construction to become a Robin playhouse.

Play fun for the little ones with this cute wooden playhouse in fairy tale style with crooked doors and windows.

The children's house is suitable for children 3-7 years old.


Height146 cm
Width95 cm
Depth108 cm
Interior dimensions104 x 88 x 140 cm
Number of windows5
Windows and doors2 transparent windows that can be opened (sides), 1 wooden window that can be opened (back), 1 transparent window (front), 1 transparent window in the door
Door height94
Assembly time45 minutes
SurfaceYou can place these houses on both a hard and a soft surface
MaterialAsian cedar wood (100 % FSC)
Thickness of wood15 mm
Thickness of the frame38 mm

WARNING: Only for domestic use. 

The assembly of this children's playhouse is easy and the adult takes the approximate time of 100 minutes according to the instructions for assembling. The children's playhouse has windows made of plexiglass, the windows and doors on this garden house are closed with a magnet. The playhouse Akela meets the strictest safety standards and has the EN71 and TÜV certificates. The children's house also carries the FSC label, which guarantees responsible forest management (products with this mark come from forests, where they meet the social, economic and ecological needs of current and future generations).

WARNINGS: Playhouse contains small particles (in non-assembled form) and is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. The playhouse must be assembled by an adult. In the non-assembled form, there is also a risk of damage with sharp particles, so it should be out of the reach of infants and young children.

SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: Do not allow children to play without the supervision of an adult. Climbing around the house and playing on the roof of the house is not allowed. In the house, two children can play simultaneously and one adult (the maximum weight it transfers is 150 kg).

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: Only an adult can assemble the house. Do not place the playhouse on a hard surface such as asphalt, as the fall from the house may cause serious injury to the child in this case. For playhouses that are raised from the ground more than 60 cm, a 1.5 m level around the house must be a soft base - such as grass or sand. Place the house on a flat surface and be at least 2 meters away from other buildings such as walls of houses, garages, fences ..

MATERIAL: The playhouses are made of wood of cedar, which is naturally resistant to possible pests and weather inconveniences and bears the seal of FSC, which ensures responsible handling of forests (for each tree planted the manufacturer is planting a new tree). In order to provide additional protection, the house was coated with water-based coatings that are completely harmless to humans or the environment.

MAINTENANCE: It is advisable to restore a water-based coating every two years on the house.

ADDITIONAL WARNINGS: The fall from the house can cause serious injuries to the child, so keep an eye on the instructions to provide the house with a soft base (grass, sand ..) The authorized seller and manufacturer of the product are not responsible for falling from the playhouse. The playhouses are intended for individual use and not for mass use in schools or kindergartens. Wood is a natural, alive material that can change under the influence of the situation.

Assembly instructions

Only for domestic use.
Not suitable for children under 3 year. It contains small parts that can be swallowed.

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